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A3P Director James Edwards Interviews Pat Buchanan

Pat Buchanan made his third appearance on the award-winning program The Political Cesspool to talk about his most recent book; Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025?

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“America was born a Western Christian republic,” writes Buchanan, “but is being transformed into a multiracial, multicultural, multilingual, multiethnic stew of a nation that has no successful precedent in the history of the world.”

“Where once we celebrated the unity, the melting pot and shared experience, that the Depression and World War gave us, our elites today proclaim, ‘Our diversity is our greatest strength!’—even as racial, religious, and ethnic diversity are tearing nations to pieces.”

About The Political Cesspool Radio Program

The Political Cesspool Radio Program is an award-winning AM broadcast that has gained national and international attention as a result of its unique voice.

Host James Edwards has made numerous appearances on CNN, while the show itself has been the subject of articles in The Los Angeles Times, The London Times, Newsweek Magazine, and hundreds of other major print publications.

The Political Cesspool advocates a paleoconservative and America First philosophy on the issues while standing up for the The Dispossessed Majority. The show has received a certificate of recognition from the Memphis City Council for, “Outstanding Contributions to the Community,” and its hosts have been named Honorary City Councilmen.

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  1. JamesinUSA says:

      Pat Buchanan's books in general, are full of the facts that our citizens need to know in order to realize that our country is in dire trouble, and for the need of drastic change in our present political establishment.

    Mr. Buchanan is one of the few mainstream authors, syndicated columnist, and political commentaries that has the guts to emphasize the dangers associated with the present trends in changing demographics, and what those trends means for White Americans in the future.

  2. Kristine says:

    Great! But why don't you guys post this on your youtube channel?

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