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A Forecast of the Darkening of America

Dan Poole | In the second trailer for ‘The Dark Knight Rises,’ Selina Kyle whispers in Bruce Wayne’s ear, “there’s a storm coming, Mr. Wayne. You and your friends better batten down the hatches.”

She then yatters the implicit rhetoric of Occupy Wall Street, but that’s beside the point, which is this: A storm is indeed coming here in America, and when it hits, everyone who ever promoted diversity and multiculturalism is going to wonder how they possibly could have thought that those two things would result in peace and prosperity.

The New York Times, Washington Post, and USA Today recently reported that for the first time in any one year period in American history, there were more non-white babies born than white babies.

The New York Times also reported this stunning statistic: “Minorities accounted for 92 percent of the nation’s population growth in the decade that ended in 2010.”

For those who have a colorblind mentality, the darkening of America doesn’t mean anything – and if it does, then there certainly isn’t anything negative about it. But they are sadly mistaken.

Immigration ProtesterNo less a hardcore Progressive than Ron Brownstein observed last September that there is a “major demographic force reshaping American politics: the rise of a huge, heavily nonwhite generation of youths that needs public investments in education and health care to ascend to the middle class. The contrast between their needs and the hardening antigovernment attitudes of the aging baby boom could sentence the nation to sustained conflict between the brown and the gray, unless the United States forges a new social consensus between them.”

Brownstein concludes that this social consensus can only be obtained through collectivism:

“The irony is that security for the gray requires opportunity for the brown: Unless America can equip its young people to obtain good-paying jobs, Social Security and Medicare will face increasing financial strain. As usual, Americans will rise or fall together, even if no one acknowledged that inescapable interdependence from the tea party stage last weekend.”

The old Soviet Union and modern North Korea offer all the proof one needs that collectivism of the sort Brownstein champions is a dehumanizing failure. But let’s take a deeper look at the facts:

Responding to Brownstein’s assertions, Dr. Kevin MacDonald concluded that “whites are expected to throw huge amounts of money down the drain trying to overcome the ‘daunting achievement gaps between white and minority students’—the utopian quest to get Mexicans (average IQ around 90) and Blacks (IQ around 85) into the middle class. This after decades of trying to raise Black IQ with no success.”

These are not the “racist” rambles of an “anti-Sematic” professor. The Bell Curve clearly demonstrates that there are unchangeable differences in IQ between the races.

And IQ isn’t the only reason why the coming non-white majority will never be assimilated into the middle class. Whites will simply refuse to pay for social services to non-whites, as California demonstrates.

Furthermore, even if white taxpayers were willing to fork over their hard earned wealth in perpetuity, massive education spending simply doesn’t work:

“According to The Washington Examiner, in the District of Columbia, the community where we have spent perhaps the most per capita to close the racial gap in test scores, the racial gap is by far the largest in the nation.”

Given all these facts, it’s no wonder former RINO Senator Chuck Hagel of Nebraska claimed that he’s “never seen so much intolerance as I see today in American politics.”

The intolerance Hagel speaks of is, at least in part, the beginning of the white backlash against the anti-white system. Hagel and his fellow Progressives don’t understand this because their mindset is totally different. Don’t believe me? Ask Chris Mooney, himself a dedicated left wing Progressive:

“When you combine key psychological traits with divergent streams of information from the left and the right, you get a world where there is no truth that we all agree upon. We wield different facts, and hold them close, because we truly experience things differently.”

What Mooney would never acknowledge, of course, is that the world of Progressivism is nothing more than a utopian fantasy that is physically impossible to achieve.

Peace and prosperity under diversity is the left’s biggest fantasy, and the New York Times had it on display in its report: “If the U.S. depended on white births alone, we’d be dead. Without the contributions from all these other groups, we would become too top-heavy with old people.”

The coercive forces of the Social Security system make the “old people” problem a bitter self-fulfilling prophecy, but even so, there is no evidence whatsoever to suggest that non-whites will ever be able to make the contributions needed to sustain the system – a system which is collapsing as is, and which Progressives would only exacerbate by cutting the payroll tax!

If Progressives can’t raise the productive capacity of the new non-white majority, then their solution is to flood the United States with as many non-whites as possible, hence why Northwestern political science professor Jacqueline Stevens argued that “abolishing birthright citizenship would help end inequality among countries, by letting people move for greater opportunity.”

Strikingly, Stevens attempted to speak out of both sides of her mouth by claiming that the “free movement of people in the United States” did not “lead to the citizens of Georgia moving en masse to Massachusetts.”

But she knows damn well that no sane American would move to a third world nation for better opportunity, whereas third world peoples would flood first world nations. The Georgia-Massachusetts comparison is laughably wrong, and it’s only made to divert focus away from the left’s actual intention, which is this:

“The left throughout the Western world has adopted a strategy of importing low-IQ immigrants who want more immigration and more public services. These parties are at the forefront of White displacement, with mainstream conservatives doing little to stem the long term trends. By not opposing immigration, they are dooming themselves to extinction.”

The darkening of America means what it says and says what it means. It is not an innocuous change. It is a symbol of the direction of the country. A storm is indeed coming, and the forecast can be summarized like so:

“We are headed to an Atlas Shrugged situation: An increasingly low-IQ population in need of massive levels of government services supported by increasingly reluctant racially different tax payers. Not a good recipe for a peaceful future.”

Guest writer, Dan Poole is a Political Science major and History minor who is currently an undergraduate Senior at Oakland University. A former intern for the Milford Times with dozens of published articles, Dan has a passion for politics and ideology that he loves to express in writing.

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