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Domestic Terrorist

Federal Government’s “Domestic Extremism” Committee Is Being Run By The ADL and SPLC

By Eric Striker The US government’s war on political dissent is being guided by private left-wing and Zionist organizations, National Justice can report. An internal document regarding the Pentagon’s “Countering Extremism Working Group” (CEWG) from last April names the individuals and groups that are slated for membership in a subcommittee that specializes in setting targets […]

Troops and Patriots

Patriotic Troops

I, (State your name), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that [. . .]

American Mexican

American Versus Mexican Police

Every Leftist idiot believes American police are brutally racist, and also mistakenly believe they kill hundreds of unarmed and innocent blacks each year. Moreover, police had the nerve to arrest several members of “Black Liars Murder” (BLM) — an allegedly sincere protest movement — merely for burning and looting a few businesses, burning a few […]

White Lives Matter Banner

Conservatives Won’t Say it: The Problem is ‘Systemic Anti-Whiteness’

Ilana Mercer rips those who obfuscate by labeling animus as ‘identity politics’ or ‘Marxism’. Institutionalized, systemic anti-whiteness, yoked to white-hot hatred of whites: That is the creed that is fast becoming entrenched across state and civil society in the U.S. Chiseled down, these are also the building blocks of Critical Race Theory, a specious, sub-intelligent […]

Supreme Court

Critical Race Theory Is About to Face Its Day(s) in Court

As recently as last summer, few people outside academia had heard of critical race theory, whose central claim is that racism, not liberty, is the founding value and guiding vision of American society. Then, President Trump issued an executive order last September banning the teaching of this “malign ideology” to federal employees and federal contractors. […]


The Collective Brain Of Whites Generated All Modern Innovations

By Ricardo Duchesne – Council of European Canadians French President Emmanuel Macron was accused recently of “hating France” as he called for the “deconstruction of our history” to fit with the reality of millions of nonwhite citizens and the need to overcome the colonial “racism of the past”. This is not an incidental, off the […]

Cute Baby Face Nationalist

The Patriot’s True Relationship with Corporations

Since Reagan, the American Right has branded itself as the champion of Capitalism, and as the defenders of the corporations that drive the modern market economy. While we could analyze data to support the positive or negative effects that the financialization of America may have had on the economy, that is not our purpose here. […]


Pornography: A Problem With a Solution

Pornography has become almost as common and accepted as watching television. It is not only societally acceptable to consume pornography, but subscriptions to sites like OnlyFans have become encouraged as a way to support young women who have been brainwashed into believing the lie that it is an empowering and easy way to make fast […]

Daunte Wright

The Indictment of a Depraved System

With tensions already at a record high in the midst of the Derek Chauvin trial, media provoked Blacks and Antifa have been given another excuse to burn and loot the formerly Scandinavian stock city of Minneapolis again. This time over the shooting of the young Black male Daunte Wright by female Minneapolis police officer Kimberly […]

European Right Wing

Orbán, Salvini and Morawiecki Form New Right-wing European Alliance

Hungary’s Viktor Orbán has joined forces with Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and Italy’s Matteo Salvini to form a new right-wing political alliance at European level. They met in Budapest on Thursday to introduce the alliance, vowing to create a “European renaissance based on Christian values”. They also discussed the distribution of coronavirus vaccines among […]

Biden New's Conference

Joe Biden Is Lost – European Analyst Bravely Describes Joe Biden’s Cognitive Decline

The whole world knows Joe Biden is a cognitive mess. He is old and senile. He has no business being in the White House. But the American press wants to keep the charade going. This is beyond a joke. An individual from Europe has done a better job analyzing Joe Biden’s performance in last week’s […]

Biden let us in

Let’s Face It, The Biden Administration Is Just Anti-White

Source: VDARE – An Anonymous Writer President Joe Biden lied about the border crisis in his first press conference on March 25. He claimed it was no crisis at all and the surge occurs every year. He blamed Donald Trump for all the problems and insisted no “migrants”—Regime-speak for illegal aliens—are getting through [Biden calls […]

Boulder Mass Murder

Boulder Mass-Murderer is Muslim and ISIS Sympathizer

Political Power for European Americans! European peoples should organize and advance our own interests just like every other group. Join our fight for Heritage and Identity! The American Freedom Party (AFP) supports the right to keep and bear arms. Emancipate yourself from the dinosaur Democrat and Republican parties. Join a Nationalist Party that puts America […]

Asian Spa

Brother of Man Killed in Atlanta Spa Shooting ‘Angry’ at Focus on Race

The brother of a white man who was among eight people killed at three Atlanta-area massage parlors earlier this week told Newsmax TV on Friday that he was ”angry” at ”morons in the media” who. . .

American Right

The Future of the American Right

I am writing this with the audience of everyone that is pro-White or right-wing in mind. To begin, I have a blunt fact to state. If the right keeps surrendering to the left on every social issue in order to prove they are not racist, sexist, homophobic, anti-semitic, and so forth, no one will support […]


Two Men with Mossad Ties Charged with Assaulting Federal Officers with Dangerous Weapon on January 6

Defendants Sprayed U.S. Capitol Police Officers B. Sicknick and C. Edwards, and Metropolitan Police Department Officer D. Chapman with a Chemical Substance WASHINGTON – A Pennsylvania and West Virginia man were arrested Sunday on criminal charges related to their alleged conspiring to injure officers and assaulting federal officers, among other charges. According to court documents, […]


Arizona House Passes Law to Nullify Biden’s Federal Gun Control

The Arizona House passed a law to nullify federal gun control measures last last month, establishing the state as a Second Amendment sanctuary. State Rep. Leo Biasiucci’s Second Amendment Firearm Freedom Act would nullify any new federal gun control laws restricting gun rights, citing the unconstitutionality of the Biden administration’s support for “assault weapons” bans, […]

Nancy Pelosi

Pelosi Blames Trump for Border Crisis

If there were any doubt that lying would become the basic strategy of governing by the New Communist Party of the United States of America (New-CPUSA,) one need only take a gander at House Speaker Nancy…

Black Farmer

COVID Relief Bill Discriminates Against White Farmers, Provides Aid for Farmers Based on Race

As many people know, congressional Democrats got their $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill passed this week. However, some of the radical policies inside the bill have gone largely underreported. One of those policies is a provision that farmers receive certain aid only if they are a racial minority. According to the American Farm Bureau Foundation, […]

Cloud Fire

Millions of Websites Offline After Fire at French Cloud Services Firm

(REUTERS) A fire at a French cloud services firm has disrupted millions of websites, knocking out government agencies’ portals, banks, shops, news websites and taking out a chunk of the .FR web space, according to internet monitors.

George Floyd

Everything the Media Didn’t Tell You About the Death of George Floyd

The trial of Derek Chauvin is not an open-and-shut-case Jury selection has begun in the murder trial of Derek Chauvin. Chauvin is one of the officers who has been accused of murdering George Floyd in Minneapolis last Memorial Day. On one level, the trial is a local crime story, one of many unfolding right now. […]

Lindsey Graham

Lindsey Graham Reveals Dem’s Coronavirus Stimulus Includes ‘Reparations’ For Black Farmers James Samson writes: Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) went on Fox News this week to tell host Maria Bartiromo that the COVID-19 stimulus that is currently being pushed through Congress by Democrats includes “reparations” for black farmers. “[W]hat a difference a year makes Maria. March of 2020, we passed a $1.9 trillion bill, the same […]

Vote Ballot

Institutionalizing Voter Fraud

In the usual D.C. scam, where legislation is couched in precisely the opposite terms of its true content, “Democrats” in the House recently passed HR1, the “For the People Act.” It is a massive power grab by “Democrats” in Congress to usurp the authority of individual state legislatures. . .

CPAC 2021

RSBN Suspended From Youtube For 2 Weeks Due To Trump CPAC

Until our new streaming platforms are ready, viewers will still be able to watch our programming on Rumble, Facebook, Twitter and CloutHub Channel 112 RSBN has been suspended from YouTube for two weeks, with live streaming and the ability to upload new videos revoked. YouTube has also removed the video from their platform, which at […]

Joe Biden

Biden’s Impending Disaster

Political Power for European Americans! European peoples should organize and advance our own interests just like every other group. Join our fight for Heritage and Identity! The American Freedom Party (AFP) supports the right to keep and bear arms. Emancipate yourself from the dinosaur Democrat and Republican parties. Join a Nationalist Party that puts America […]

Trump Supreme Court

Donald Trump to Speak at CPAC Next Week in First Appearance Since Leaving Office

Former President Donald Trump will speak in his first major public appearance since leaving the White House at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) taking place in Orlando, Florida, next week. Trump, who has not appeared at any major event since giving his final speech on January 20 prior to President Joe Biden’s inauguration, […]

The Power of Language

The Power of Language

In this day and age in our modern society, we are always told to supposedly be objective, value the truth, and express our ideas. Even those who try to suppress free thought don’t outright say it because it would sound absurd. While the educational system has been taken over by Cultural Marxists, the rank in […]

Woodrow Wilson

Woodrow Wilson

Preface: The following is an essay I wrote fully out of inspiration and wanting to contribute to this section of the forum. It is my first attempt at writing a long essay to discuss several ideas and facts about who Woodrow Wilson is. I hope you all enjoy reading it. Sources will be at the […]

Joe Biden Old Biden

Who Holds the Power in Biden’s Cabinet?

White Americans today come from a variety of religious backgrounds — Protestant, Catholic, none, and other — and while we should work together despite our differences, there is no denying that the historical America was a White Protestant nation. With White Protestantism being such a founding part of this country’s social fabric, it is disheartening […]

Rush Limbauh RIP


Political Power for European Americans! European peoples should organize and advance our own interests just like every other group. Join our fight for Heritage and Identity! The American Freedom Party (AFP) supports the right to keep and bear arms. Emancipate yourself from the dinosaur Democrat and Republican parties. Join a Nationalist Party that puts America […]