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2013 American Renaissance Conference Recap

The 11th American Renaissance conference took place last weekend on April 5-7 at Montgomery Bell State Park near Nashville, Tennessee, and your humble Examiner was in attendance. Here is a recap of the events that took place at the conference:

For starters, the conference was nothing like its anti-white detractors claimed. There were no Nazis. There were no Klansmen. Nobody wore pointy hoods. Nobody wore swastikas. Everyone dressed professionally. Everyone was civilized. Those who hate the conference have to make stuff up about its attendees in order to get their point across.

These are the hateful signs that the purveyors of "tolerance" brought to the conference. Credits:  Photo:

The 2013 Amren conference was a gathering of about 150 European-American whites, most of them from America, who are deeply concerned about the future of their people in a world where diversity and multiculturalism are force fed to the white masses even though both have proven to be catastrophic failures.

The conference started on Friday at 5:00 PM Central time when there was a miniature bar available to all attendees. Drinks were $5 each, and attendees had the opportunity to meet each other face to face (most of them for the first time) and get to know each other as like-minded individuals. Later that night most of us ate dinner at the hotel buffet, and I myself had the privilege of sharing a table with RamzPaul, one of the keynote speakers at the conference and a popular Youtube star.

The major bulk of the conference was held on Saturday. It was an all-day extravaganza that began at 9:00 AM and didn’t end until about 10:00 PM. Here’s a brief recap of what the speakers presented, in order of appearance:

Roger McGrath: Unfortunately the good man wasn’t able to cover his entire presentation, but he talked about many different white American heroes who served on the Pacific front against Japan in World War II. A military historian, McGrath’s purpose was to instill pride in the audience over our heroes of yesteryear. His was the least “controversial” of all the presentations because he strictly focused on the stories of the WWII heroes he discussed.

Byron Roth: For a conference supposedly amok with Nazis, it sure was interesting to see a professor of Jewish descent give a presentation. In any case, Roth gave an academic presentation in which he laid out the cold hard facts on the economically devastating effects of mass immigration and free trade. He also showed charts which demonstrated how it’s impossible to close the education gap between whites and non-whites. Most startling was a chart that showed how U.S. whites score in the 98th percentile internationally on reading. Indeed, the U.S. education system isn’t “failing” whites, as Roth aptly demonstrated.

RamzPaul: Probably the most popular speaker, he gave a stimulating, often humorous presentation of the awful effects of feminism on American families, American culture, and American society. Having said that, he didn’t outright smear white women for being a bunch of worthless feminists. Indeed, he highlighted near the end of his presentation how the tide might be turning against feminism and the idea of “gender equality.”

Jared Taylor: The head honcho of Amren didn’t fail to disappoint at his own conference. He spent his presentation highlighting a long series of politically incorrect questions that no one in the mainstream media, academia, or the government wants asked. Questions such as, (and I paraphrase): Are there IQ differences between the races? If so, what are the implications of this? Is race a genetic, biological reality? Why is it insisted that race is a social construct? Do whites have any group interests? If not, why not? Why are whites called racist when they ask questions about racial differences and IQ?

Taylor made other major points as well, most notably asserting that it’s probably no longer possible to take back the United States as the white European nation that it was for the first 200 years of its existence. He said that 20 years ago, he was confident that the Truth would become so overwhelming that people would eventually just wake up. That never happened, and Taylor didn’t seem particularly confident it would happen in the near future.

Richard Spencer: This is just one man’s opinion, but Spencer was the best speaker at the event. Whatever disagreements white Americans may have with his ultimate solution (his “dream,” as he said tongue in cheek), Spencer did something none of the other speakers did: He gave a visionary speech as opposed to a reactionary speech. Not that there’s anything wrong with reacting to events around you. Indeed, it’d be stupid not to. But reacting to events alone is not sufficient when it comes to forging a movement. A vision, an ideal, something to strive for, is an absolute necessity.

Spencer’s ideal, for better or worse, is the creation of a white ethnostate. He likened such a vision to “white Zionism,” and he even quoted Theodore Herzl from the 1890s to show how the vision of creating a Jewish homeland was once laughed at and mocked. Everyone told Herzl, “it’ll never happen.” In 1948, it happened.

Spencer also laid out the case for why returning to the Constitution, as mainstream conservatives like to say, is a recipe for failure. He explained how 70 years after the Constitution was ratified in 1789, the nation was embroiled in a war between the states. 150 years after that war, the founding stock of the nation is set to become a minority, and that founding stock is discriminated against in favor of non-whites. Spencer argued that by “returning to the Constitution,” we’d just be setting ourselves up for another failure.

The cool thing about Spencer is that he doesn’t bother hiding what he really believes in. He has a vision of a white ethnostate. He thinks democracy failed. He’s a self-described “radical traditionalist.” He supports hierarchy and rejects equality. His speech, whatever disagreements one may have, was refreshingly honest.

Arthur Jensen and Philippe Rushton: Actually, these guys didn’t speak. But Jared Taylor took about 30 minutes to honor their legacy and their contributions to what we know about how humans work. They both passed away in 2012.

Fabrice Roberts:
He gave an hour long presentation on the work of Generation Identitaire, a youth movement in France that stands for both nationalism and traditionalism. It was hard to understand everything he said because his English wasn’t crisp, but during the Q & A there was a translator who helped answer questions. Roberts drew more questions than any other speaker. He even drew questions from several of the speakers themselves.

Robert’s speech took place after the Banquet at 7:00, which cost an extra $35 per attendee. At this Banquet, I once again sat at a table with RamzPaul. There were eight persons per table, and everyone was dressed in formal attire. It was a wonderful experience.

The Banquet itself took place right after a couple dozen attendees stood outside and listened to protestors screech like lunatics over non-existent threats (such as Neo-Nazis and the KKK). In a show of defiance, both Matt Heimbach of the White Students Union and Scott Terry of CPAC fame confronted the protestors directly. Naturally, the protesters couldn’t defend their indefensible positions. One of their signs, “Repeat Dresden,” was a blatant call for mass extermination of whites.

Finally on Sunday morning, the conference concluded with the following two speakers:

John Derbyshire: He gave an academic presentation on the history of race relations, presenting multiple slides explaining how each of the races saw each other at a given point in time, and how the concept of race was around long before the year 1500. VDARE posted the transcript of Derbyshire’s speech, including all of the slides. Perhaps more notable than the content of his slides was the fact that Derbyshire unwittingly predicted he’d be fired from National Review a few weeks before he was actually canned.

Sam Dickson: He’s given the closing speech at every Amren conference, and he didn’t disappoint with this one. Strikingly, Dickson is a liberal on policies such as alternative energy, pensions, healthcare, and the economy in general. He said as much in his speech, describing himself as a racial communitarian who believes in soft socialism. On alternative energy, he said that the $3 trillion spent on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan could have been spent developing renewables.

Dickson also said that if he could stick his hand in each of our brains and remove just one word from our head, that word would be “conservative.” To be clear, Dickson is the opposite of a liberal on the core issues of immigration, race, and equality, but on the other periphery issues he’s definitely not a conservative. Dickson rejects the liberal-conservative dichotomy, believing that it merely serves to divide whites against each other. As Amren itself put it:

To adopt these terms consigns us to a subset of a political spectrum that is irrelevant to our struggle. “We are a race, a folk, a people,” he said, “and a folk is not to be divided into Left and Right.” We can and must unite with all white people on the central subject of race; all other differences are insignificant. A true homeland for our people must be one that cares for our entire family.

For whatever it’s worth, during Dickson’s speech I asked one of the previous speakers if he agreed or not with Dickson’s rejection of the conservative-liberal dichotomy. The speaker looked down, pondered the thought for several seconds, and told me, “not entirely.”

A sophisticated recap of the events was provided by Amren. In addition to all those events, Dickson held a party at his villa on Saturday night that everyone at the conference was invited to. About five dozen people showed up, and I had the privilege of talking face to face with Derbyshire and Spencer. Free drinks were available to everyone.

All in all, the conference was not only a tremendous success, but it was also a terrifically fun time. Every person I met and talked with was friendly and hospitable. Nobody was snaggle-toothed, backward, or criminal minded (but they were all kin folk). The conference was simply an opportunity for normal white folks with healthy racial views to get together, have a good time, enjoy each other’s company, and listen to inspiring speeches from real leaders.

Dan Poole is a writer for and lives in Southeast Michigan. A native-born European-American, he’s a regular contributor to the American Freedom Party and supports policies that work for his people and his nation. You can find Dan on twitter @Poole1Dan

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